Fast Building

Fast and accurate manufacture, driven by technology and precision, ensures efficient production processes and high-quality end products.

Smartly Execute

A streamlined workflow optimizes production efficiency, minimizes waste, and enhances overall output in a rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

Perfect Design

Winning in the market requires perfect design and quality, that not only captivates consumers aesthetically but also ensures satisfaction through exceptional craftsmanship.

Award Winning


Contemporary furniture design has evolved into a captivating blend of form, function, and artistic expression, creating a dynamic landscape that transcends mere utility. Aristocraft uses international furniture designers that keep us on the leading edge of fashionable furniture.

Faizel Motani, CEO

“Clean lines, sleek materials, and a harmonious marriage of textures characterize this modern approach, resulting in pieces that seamlessly integrate into diverse living spaces while making a bold statement.” 

Faizel Motani

What We Offer

Aristocraft are furniture manufacturers who design and manufacture furniture pieces for some of the largest retailers in South Africa.

Bedroom Furniture

Aristocraft offers quality, locally produced and authentic furniture.

Dining Room Suites

Our world-class factory, manufactures furniture from high quality raw materials.

Chair Designs

Aristocraft furniture truly and proudly reflect the South African lifestyle.

Plasma Units

Aristocraft provides jobs to +100 employees, who are all part of our growing family.

Coffee Tables

We design and produce modern, luxury furniture for our retail customers.

Upholstered Headboards

We adhere to rigorous quality and production standards.

Years of Experience
Projects Completed
Award Winning
Professional Team


Our Expertise

50+ Years of Experience in furniture manufacture

Our reputation for excellence has been forged through many years of diligence. We thrive at the basics of quality, attention to detail, on-time delivery and much more that have made us preferred suppliers to our clients.

Residential Design
Commercial Design
Corporate Design

Ready To Start New A Project With Aristocraft?

We are interested in your idea for a new furniture project. Get in touch with us, we look forward to seeing your furniture designs.